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Innovation and technology since 1891

For over 100 years MarelliMotori S.p.A. had offered to the Shipbuilding and Shipping Industries
a complete range of Low Voltage/Medium Voltage Motors and Generators.

Based in ITALY. Available Worldwide

Professional In Building High Quality Energy Equipments

For over 100 years MarelliMotori S.p.A. had offered to the Shipbuilding and Shipping Industries a complete range of Low Voltage/Medium Voltage Motors and Generators.

Main Propulsion and Thrusters Motors up to 4,000kW. Auxillary, Shaft and Emergency Generators up to 4,200 kVA. Tailor-made solutions guarantee superior efficiency, space saving, long life reliability, minimum noise and vibration levels.

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Interact was incorporated in April 1999 and built its technical and professional abilities to meet the requirements of the multinational companies. In April 2008, We explore into marketing of Marelli generators in Singapore, selling to the world.


Our Mission

We dedicated professionals committed to safely delivery excellent service as a regulated distribution business which provides value and growth opportunities for our customers. In shot, our mission is to deliver the best quality electrical services. The higher quality and best services of our organization satisfied our customers.


Our Strategy

Our strategy is clearly defined as providing our existing and new customers with a quality service.
This philosophy is paramount in all aspects of our interaction with our customers from initial enquiry until after sales service and support.
We offer our experience and expertise, to advise both existing and new customers on the most effective solution to their electrical solutions according to their requirement.
We consider the electrical repair as an integral part of the customers system. We often find that it is helpful for us to consider the system as a whole so that we may integrate certain functions into or out of electric generator, to achieve the best overall technical and cost effective solution to the system design.


Partnering with Customers and Suppliers

Interact is recognized by many customers as a trusted and reliable partner that can deliver the specified requirement on time and to budget. We will continue to do this and develop that recognition with suppliers.
With the support from our suppliers, it brings us to another level of success. Again, without the trust from our customer, we are not able to achieve what we are today.


Our Motto

With Commitments and Service Orientated…


Interact provide highly technical products and services in the field of Power Generation and professional after sales services. The company has been reselling for Marelli Power Generations products, and solutions in Singapore.

Marelli is the global power leader, a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service generators and related technologies and electrical power generation systems.

Interact offers a complete range of generators for all purposes in low, medium and high voltages. Generators for use in industry, marine, combined heat and power, offshore and so on. Generators with or without class survey, permanent magnet powered, IP23 / IP44 / IP54 etc. enclosure, current limiting, volt per hertz regulation etc.

Brands like Marelli , equipped with the right flange in either single or double bearing. Configurable for all voltages and frequencies.

Commissioning and servicing of your generator is one of the most important fields of operation.

Interact technicians are fully trained to perform commissioning on parallel operation, load sharing, PTO/PTI and so on.

For more information and inquiries, please fill out the contact form and you will get a prompt response.

Some of our past projects

Picture Shots

MJB 500 SC4 - 1875kVA

Photo taken while commissioning onboard vessel and ABS certification. Type of vessel AHTS.

AVR and Varicomp

Automatic voltage regulator type MGC I installed connect with varicomp M40FA621A at terminal box.

Digital AVR - MEC 100D

Marelli digital automatic voltage regulators model M71FA320A, with diodes failure monitoring.

Based in Singapore. Deliver Worldwide

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