M40FA644A – Automatic Voltage Regulator

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The voltage regulator type “MARK X”, is suitable for synchronous generators of Marelli make, MJB series, size range 225 – 500 frames. This regulator is proper to operate on machines using PMG generator. The regulator is fully insulated in order to maintain high reliability also with severe ambient conditions (high level of humidity, dust salt atmosphere), and in case of high vibration level. The regulator is proper both for single and 3-phase operation.

Technical Data
– Regulation Accuracy: +/- 0.5% steady state conditions
– Voltage Drift: +/- 0.5% voltage for 50 ° C amb. temperature change
– Respond Time: 1 cycle (20ms – 16.6ms)
– Operating Temperature: -30 ° C ÷ 70 ° C
– Exciter Field Resistance: 3.5 Ω (min) ÷ 20 Ω (max)
– Supply Voltage: 170 -277 V (100/120Hz)
– Power Supply: 1000VA (max)
– Power Dissipated: 30 W (max)
– Voltage Sensing: 170 -270 / 380 – 415 / 440 – 480 V (50/60Hz) (Three or Single Phase Sensing)
– Output voltage (DC): 30 V
– Output Current (DC): 8 A (max, continuous)
– Output current (DC): 15 A (max one minute forcing)

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